Artist : Prawn
Tittle : Spring River
Album : Ships
Year : 2012
Genre :Indie/post rock 
Country : USA
Buy Album : Bandcamp

Prawn “Spring River” Lyrics :

Leave your preconceived notions at home
Let our bodies do the work, let our minds relax in quite.
We’re like frayed tethered knots, only strings hold us together.
You can’t will us apart.
An inkling I’ll follow, you’re a road that I’ll travel
You can’t will two ships.
Leave our home in the suburbs for country roads; Spring River.

We’re like two ships at sea both missing rudders.
We shudder in our sleep, we stammer in our speech.
An inkling I’ll follow, you’re a map that I’ll travel.

A mistake, I messed up; an armistice I couldn’t keep.

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