Artist : Ansaphone
Tittle : Fading Away
Album : Dancing In The Colour
Year : 2013
Genre : Dreampop
Country : Indonesia
Buy Album : Heyfolk
Ansaphone “Fading Away” Lyric:

Falling down,cant stop healing
Your voices it’s hard to find…you
Words are falling,it’s fade away
Raindrop in my face,,can you feel hush

A passing place it’s hiding you
Another spin just shining on you
Words are falling waking in a fake
Just get fading from you
Left and turning fade,so low in here
Dreamless sleep, feed me around you place
Sinkin’ down this face is slowly fading
Sinkin’ down this face is slowly fading
I can’t heal you, then what you feel?
I can hear u, are you near??

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