Artist : Prawn
Tittle : Spring River
Album : Two Ships
Year : 2012
Genre :Indie/post rock 
Country : USA
Buy Album : Bandcamp
Prawn “Two Ships” Lyrics :
Deep patterned thoughts, hereditary traits
I’d rather not stay up too late again
But its in my blood to overcommit or to stop before I even begin
So you can take this with you – an admission of my faults
As a poem or a prologue, a rhetorical remark.

We could do what we’ve said
Captain our own vessel
Debate our inspirations
Live of our decisions
But it seems like its the case, the winds are dying down
A calm lull on our ocean

I need you in my head
Is there a place for me in yours?

Direct me where to go
I’ll follow to your green hilled rabbit holes; the place where you call home.
Direct me where to go
I find my troubled mind is more at ease whenever I’m with you.

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